Feb 10, 2007

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The Sin of Separation

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Well, half the country is suddenly freezing and pundits are suddenly silent about global warming causing the extreme weather, changing to the IPCC’s report instead. As Al Gore achieves increasing fame for “An Inconvenient Truth,” perhaps it would be well to look at the pantheistic basis for his book, “Earth in the Balance.” We re-run clips from a show with Berit Kjos (Under the Spell of Mother Earth”) and Constance Cumbey (“Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow”) from 1992. It’s a bit of an eye-opener.

This weekend kicks off a national campaign in New York to brand Israel as an apartheid state. It seems those doing so both want Israel to allow Palestine as a separate state but to allow Palestinians to have free access to its neighbor Israel. They want it both ways. Dexter van Zile from CAMERA (www.camera.org) joins us.

Finally, we have a bit of debate with terrorism consultant Emil Bailey, who takes John to task about some of things on the program from weeks past about Senate Bill One and Israel.


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