Mar 17, 2007

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Slipping through the Cedars

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

The entire program focuses on developments in the Middle East.  We’re trying to sketch a picture that lets you understand the emerging issues and conflicts.

First, what is happening in Lebanon north of Israel? Hezbollah is rearming right under the nose of the United Nations as it anticipates the next conflict with Israel.  Also, Syria wants the Lebanese government to remain weak as it meddles in Lebanon’s affairs and supports Hezbollah.  Lebanese American John Hajj ( joins us.

Then the show jumps to Jerusalem for a conversation with South African journalist Stan Goodenough ( about efforts to redefine Israel as the problem in the Middle East, notably calling it an apartheid state.  Goodenough was an anti- apartheid crusader in the South African press but says there is nothing similar about the Israeli/Palestinian situation.

Finally, John’s boralogue rebuts claims made by King Abdullah II in his address to Congress last week.


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