Mar 24, 2007

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American Self-Hate

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Today’s show focuses on the 50-year progressive effort to get people in the West to hate their past and their religion in order to remold society into a secular socialist utopia.

First, Dave Noebel, author of “Understanding the Times,” ( explains how progressives always compare western civilization to some non-existent ideal and then decry the shortfall, while never emphasizing how far western civilization came vs. other civilizations.

Then conversation shifts to an identical process in the church and the flying wedge being driven to debase the evangelical belief system and convert in to a social gospel, socialist-driven system. In the second hour, Doug Phillips ( guests..

As the 400th anniversary of Jamestown approaches, its history is being re-written to politically correct standards. Queen Elizabeth II is so upset she isn’t going to attend the ceremonies as she previously had intended to do.

Finally, a brief appearance by Michelle Bernard ( from the Independent Women’s Forum.  Although alternative fuels are important to develop, ethanol cannot be a complete replacement for gasoline without wrecking agriculture.

John’s boralogue attempts a concise description of dialectical thought so you can recognize it when you see it in the market place.


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