Mar 31, 2007

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Moving Towards Boiling Point?

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Good Passover and Holy Week.

Rumors flew on the internet this week about possible attacks on Iran or other conflicts in the Middle East. Tensions are definitely rising and all parties seem to be bracing or arming for a conflict they believe will arise in short order. John executes an extended boralogue connecting Middle East data points.

Then we bring on Alex Safia from CAMERA ( for a summary of the Arab Summit, which has been posited as a peace offer to Israel but in reality was much more of an violent ultimatum.

Former Vice President Al Gore is taking global heat about his large carbon footprint compared to the ideal he preaches for everyone else. We hear a lot about “Sustainable Development.” It’s a warm fuzzy environmental term but what does it mean? We’ll talk to Michael Shaw ( , a property owner in Santa Cruz, California, who discovered it meant a lot of expense and relinquishing control of his property, while still being responsible for the property tax.

Finally, there’s a new law in New Zealand’s parliament to prohibit spanking. We’ll talk to home schooling representatives as to what this will mean for Christian homeschoolers. Craig Smith joins us.
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