Apr 14, 2007

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The K-G-Used-to-B is Back

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We’re clearing the decks for two important interviews, which will allow us to focus on emerging trends.

Last November, former Russian FSB agent Lt. Col. Alexander Litvinenko was assassinated in England by means of sophisticated radioactive Polonium-210 poisoning, another in a string of assassination hits by Russia’s FSB. But that didn’t happen before he co-authored a book with Russian historian Dr. Yuri Felshtinsky, Ph.D., entitled, “Blowing Up Russia.” This was the first book banned in Russia by Vladimir Putin since the works of Alexander Solzhenitsyn were banned. Dr. Felshtinsky joins us for an eye- opening insight into the resurgence of the K-G-Used-to-B in Russia today and its choke-hold on the government there.

In the western world, we’re entering phase two of information consolidation about private citizens, where very little will be unknown about the citizens of western countries. Where will this trend lead western governments and how will they use the information for or against their own citizenry? David Holtzman, author of “Privacy Lost,” joins us.

Since these are both important interviews, John skips the boralogue for this week to create more time for the guests.


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