Jun 23, 2007

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Disturbing Trends in Law Enforcement

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We’re taking the weekend off so the program today is pre-recorded but not of any less quality, we hope.

As government expansion and inflation put pressure on state and local governments, sourcing income is becoming a preoccupation and using law enforcement to get convictions at any cost is the method of choice to fuel “the system.”  This and other issues are discussed in a candid conversation with journalist, William Grigg.

So what does the phrase, “family values” actually mean?  Dr. Alan Carlson, Ph.D. is author of “The Natural Family: A Manifesto,” who says it’s just a meaningless political catch phrase now.  The assault began 40 years ago in the 1960s and government intrusion into the family at all levels has been a major factor contributing to the demise of the “natural family.”

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