Jul 28, 2007

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The Foibles of Historical Revisionism

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Today’s program is all over the place, but that’s what makes it fun.

Why aren’t we getting out of Iraq in the near future, even with a Democratic congress and president in 2008?  It’s the big bases we’ve built, from which we have no intention of walking away.  Tom Engelhardt from www.tomdispatch.com is the first guest today.

One problem debating issues with progressives is their reliance on "facts" from politically correct, re-written views of history, which don’t align with reality.  Thomas Woods Jr., author of "33 Questions about American History You’re not Supposed to Ask," joins us.

The U.S. isn’t watching its six o’clock position in Latin America as important geopolitical changes are poised to affect the U.S.
economic and energy situation.  E. Ralph Hostetter from www.newsmax.com comes on board to detail geopolitical shifts in that region.

John’s boralogue focuses on the current penchant congress has for running in the wrong direction in the light of the 2009-2012 crisis window heading towards us.

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Jul 21, 2007

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Stealing Government by Stealthy Steps

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Security and Prosperity Partnership meetings are slated for August in Quebec between Canada, Mexico and the U.S. but for some reason the public isn’t welcome.  It’s instructive to compare the stepped process which formed the European Union and the identical process currently forming the SPP.  Dr. Richard North, PhD, author of "The Great Deception, Can the European Union Survive?" guests from England for the first part of the program.

Imagine the howling from hate-watching organizations if Christians wore neo-Nazi Adolf Hitler T-Shirts saying, "Uncle Adolf — It was
Great While it Lasted."   But why then are Che Guevara T-Shirts so
chic among the left, given the thousands the man slaughtered in Cuba?  Humberto Fontova, author of "Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him," guests in this segment. This is a new series of "progressive foibles" vignettes, about the intrinsic self-contradictions of radical leftists.

John’s boralogue surveys current issues around the world.

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Jul 14, 2007

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Out of Gas Without a Care

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Happy Bastille Day.  Have fun stormin’ the castle!

This week the International Energy Agency (IEA) tossed its hat into the 2009-2012 global crisis ring by predicting severe oil shortages
due to the global demand outstripping supply.   European and Asian
financial papers treated this as a major story; in the US, it barely got a wimper, even though oil drives geopolitics for the next decade.

The majority of today’s show frames the U.S.’s energy situation and the fact congress is not only failing to move us toward energy independence but is actually heading in the wrong direction with carbon taxes, oil company penalties, complex regulation and other ill-advised policies.  Sandy Bourne from the Heartland Institute and (www.heartland.org) and a fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum joins us.

It seems the Bush administration plans on a fake pullout from Iraq long enough to allow various Islamic factions to fight it out and then move back in for a pact with the winner.  No matter what, we won’t be abandoning the bases there.  We’ll hear a lot about "partition" as multiple Middle Eastern countries jump into the fray.  John’s boralogue covers the scenario.

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Jul 7, 2007

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The Challenge at Regensburg

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We’re taking the weekend off…too much wedding last weekend.
Well, it sounds like a good excuse, so here’s another pre-recorded program.

A while back, Pope Benedict XVI caused a global row with his collegiate address to academics in Regensburg, Germany, when he used the illustration of a thousand-year-old debate between a Muslim and Christian.  In the furor generated by the pope’s alleged "insult to Islam" (which it wasn’t), the actual importance of the pope’s address was lost on the world’s press.

It constituted a major challenge to science and secularism, and an appeal to the unity of truth.  Dr. James Schall, SJ, is a professor of political philosophy at Georgetown University in Washington and he joins us to revisit Regensburg.

Continuing the first hour’s thought, in the debates raging between science and religion, assertion is often made that the fossil record adequately documents the developmental transitions in the path of evolutionary development.  However, Dr. Geoffrey Simmons, M.D., author of  "Billions of Missing Links," says when you look for them, they’re simply not there.

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