Jul 7, 2007

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The Challenge at Regensburg

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We’re taking the weekend off…too much wedding last weekend. Well, it sounds like a good excuse, so here’s another pre-recorded program.

A while back, Pope Benedict XVI caused a global row with his collegiate address to academics in Regensburg, Germany, when he used the illustration of a thousand-year-old debate between a Muslim and Christian.  In the furor generated by the pope’s alleged “insult to Islam” (which it wasn’t), the actual importance of the pope’s address was lost on the world’s press.

It constituted a major challenge to science and secularism, and an appeal to the unity of truth.  Dr. James Schall, SJ, is a professor of political philosophy at Georgetown University in Washington and he joins us to revisit Regensburg.

Continuing the first hour’s thought, in the debates raging between science and religion, assertion is often made that the fossil record adequately documents the developmental transitions in the path of evolutionary development.  However, Dr. Geoffrey Simmons, M.D., author of  “Billions of Missing Links,” says when you look for them, they’re simply not there.


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