Jul 28, 2007

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The Foibles of Historical Revisionism

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Today’s program is all over the place, but that’s what makes it fun.

Why aren’t we getting out of Iraq in the near future, even with a Democratic congress and president in 2008?  It’s the big bases we’ve built, from which we have no intention of walking away.  Tom Engelhardt from www.tomdispatch.com is the first guest today.

One problem debating issues with progressives is their reliance on “facts” from politically correct, re-written views of history, which don’t align with reality.  Thomas Woods Jr., author of “33 Questions about American History You’re not Supposed to Ask,” joins us.

The U.S. isn’t watching its six o’clock position in Latin America as important geopolitical changes are poised to affect the U.S. economic and energy situation.  E. Ralph Hostetter from www.newsmax.com comes on board to detail geopolitical shifts in that region.

John’s boralogue focuses on the current penchant congress has for running in the wrong direction in the light of the 2009-2012 crisis window heading towards us.


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