Aug 25, 2007

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The Mexican Mafia

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There’s an old saying that the truth will always have out, but what happens when the powers that be won’t let the truth out?  Congress has been waging war on free speech and it’s time to examine where this is all heading.  Joseph Farah, founder of Worldnetdaily
( joins us for the first part of the program.

Between interviews we’ll sandwich an update on the incredible crisis that has gripped the world’s financial markets.

While a growing number of violent crimes by illegals has fueled the immigration debate, there’s an important adjunct to this that few have examined: it’s the Mexican mafia called the "Eme" or "la
familia."   Tony Rafael, author of "The Mexican Mafia," cracks open
this subject for the first time on SOS with an in-depth look at the transformation of cities in the U.S.

John’s boralogue explains why public/private partnerships represent a threat to freedom and how they are a main component of the SPP.
It seems the best President Bush could do in Canada this week was call those opposed to the SPP as conspiracy theorists.  Of course, we have to ask him why all the work is being done in secret, even away from even the eyes of congress?

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Aug 18, 2007

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The Creature from Jekyll Island Revisited

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Much wailing in the world financial markets these last two weeks, reeling under collapsing hedge funds packed with bad real estate loans, which spilled into other paper markets.

Investors scream for the Fed to bail them out, but whoops, it was the Fed that got them into trouble in the first place.  Ah but SOS listeners were not taken by surprise.  We’ve been warning for some time that "she was going to blow" despite happy happy talk on CNBC and record DOW levels at the beginning of summer.

John’s boralogue frames the liquidity crisis in simple terms.  Then we rebroadcast an October 21, 1994 interview with G. Edward Griffin entitled, "The Creature from Jekyll Island," a discussion as fresh and relevant today as it was 13 years ago.

Warning:  The current crisis is just a squall line preceding the perfect financial storm, still probably about 24-48 months out.
Ladies and gentlemen, the captain asks you to keep your seat belts securely fastened;  it’s not over yet.

Speaking of squalls, hurricane season is spawning storms again but what about spawning new thoughts about disaster preparation?  Well, shucks, it doesn’t seem so.  Bill Evans is chief meteorologist for WABC-TV in New York and his latest novel, "Category 7," provides a scenario for people to take emergency preparation seriously, wherever you live and whatever the disaster could be.  It’s a fun and spirited conversation with a serious purpose.

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Aug 11, 2007

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Sexual Liberation is Backfiring

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Newsweek magazine went off a global warming cliff this week with its cover story about the funding of global warming "deniers."
Unfortunately, Newsweek forgot to mention that pro-global warming scientists are funded 3 to 1 over the skeptics.  Amy Menafee from the Media and Business Institute ( joins us.

Meanwhile, an Oregon criminal case goes to trial in September, where several school boys are charged with sexual assault for having patted girls on the rear as a joke.  The sexual revolution of the 60s promised us sexual liberation, but in reality led us to a mine field of legal and moral issues, making sexuality more restrictive than it was before.  Dean Tong ( sums up the disastrous state of sexual issues in the country today, where sexual prosecution has now become an industry.

Finally, a lot of the sociological nonsense of today was initially perpetrated by the public school system, having begun student psycho-social experimentation in the 60s.  So where did it go off the rails?  When the federal government got involved.  Neil McClusky authored the book, "Feds in the Classroom, How Big Government Corrupts, Cripples and Compromises American Education."

John’s boralogue highlights the flying wedge being driven down the evangelical church as well as several other issues which came down the pipeline this week.

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Aug 4, 2007

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Progressing Backwards Through Forward History

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Potpourri style show today.

Secular historians keep trying to write Christianity out of history.  Problem is Christians themselves are deficient in the history of their own church.  Paul Zahl is author of "2000 Years of Amazing Grace," and is the first guest today.

Senator Hillary Clinton says she’s a "progressive" and not a liberal.  Strange, but "progressive" meant "Marxist" for much of the 20th Century.  So, brace yourself for another chapter in the "foibles of progressivism,"  focusing on the illogical contradictions upon which progressives have built their entire worldview.  Kfir Alfia, co-author of "A Field Guide to Left-Wing Whackos and What to do about Them" sparks an interesting conversation.

Finally we’ll deal with geopolitical developments, which seem to be off the U.S. radar.  Shoshanna Bryer from JINSA ( joins us.

John’s boralogue reviews a series of worldview and religious issues emergent over the last couple of weeks.

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