Aug 11, 2007

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Sexual Liberation is Backfiring

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Newsweek magazine went off a global warming cliff this week with its cover story about the funding of global warming “deniers.” Unfortunately, Newsweek forgot to mention that pro-global warming scientists are funded 3 to 1 over the skeptics.  Amy Menafee from the Media and Business Institute ( joins us.

Meanwhile, an Oregon criminal case goes to trial in September, where several school boys are charged with sexual assault for having patted girls on the rear as a joke.  The sexual revolution of the 60s promised us sexual liberation, but in reality led us to a mine field of legal and moral issues, making sexuality more restrictive than it was before.  Dean Tong ( sums up the disastrous state of sexual issues in the country today, where sexual prosecution has now become an industry.

Finally, a lot of the sociological nonsense of today was initially perpetrated by the public school system, having begun student psycho-social experimentation in the 60s.  So where did it go off the rails?  When the federal government got involved.  Neil McClusky authored the book, “Feds in the Classroom, How Big Government Corrupts, Cripples and Compromises American Education.”

John’s boralogue highlights the flying wedge being driven down the evangelical church as well as several other issues which came down the pipeline this week.


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