Sep 8, 2007

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When Liberalism Went off the Rails

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Well here we are back from a trip to British Columbia.  So John’s boralogue examines exactly why Canadians don’t think they’re paying for nationalized healthcare while they chafe at high taxes and a high cost of living.  It’s simple, there’s no such thing as a free lunch and they’re actually paying for the healthcare indirectly.

As school kicks off, it’s time to review principles of historical revisionism.  We have often commented that liberalism went “off the rails” in the 1960s by embracing Marxist ideology, while calling it “social justice” and “freedom.”  But what caused the shift and why does it plague us today?  James Pierson is author of “Camelot and the Cultural Revolution:  How the Assassination of John F. Kennedy Shattered American Liberalism.”  It’s an expose of the ravages of historical revisionism.  Realize what conservatives stand for today, liberals once stood for in the 1950s.

Then we apply principles from that interview to a history of how global warming emerged as a political crisis; not a scientific one.
Environmental scientist Dr. Michael Coffman, PhD,
( joins the show to examine terms such as “sustainable development,” “public/private partnerships” and the like.


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