Sep 15, 2007

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America’s Financial Reckoning Day

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Where in the World is Carmen bin Laden? Speculation abounds about ObL’s latest video communique. Perhaps there are significant items lurking within it. Security analyst Emil Bailey returns to the show.

As Democrats make show of getting troops home from Iraq, the international wars are only just heating up. Part of this conflict is hidden from public scrutiny, because it’s the international currency war. Charles Coppes (, author of “American’s Financial Reckoning Day,” joins us.

Between guests John does an analysis of the “slop think” infecting the youth of the west today and why it’s important to train children how to think.

John’s boralogue examines the problem of deer eating apples off the studio tree. Oh yes, it also covers important news stories the main-liners ignored this week, key among these being the fact that a famous TV news clip depicting a Palestinian boy supposedly being shot by IDF troops in 2000 was a staged fraud.


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