Sep 22, 2007

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Can Gays Really Change?

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Time for a “No Child Left Behind” checkup to see how many more children will be left behind by a flawed bill. Beware the term “transformational
education” and efforts to promote mental health training.  Alan Quist from joins us.

Then a new study from Wheaton College examines the issues of gay men and women who attempt to change their sexual orientation in a religious context. Is it working? The results are mixed. Psychologist Stanton Jones slides into the guest seat.

In light of the recent sub-prime lending meltdown, John’s boralogue dissects comments by retired Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, who claims he didn’t see the disaster coming. But wasn’t that his job? Why did he pump Americans to jump into rickety adjustable rate mortgages? Further Greenspan admits that his comments during congressional testimony were often meant to fool congressmen. Told ya.


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