Oct 6, 2007

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Much Ado about Much

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This weekend is a jump-around show if there ever was one.

The first two segments feature an extended newscast of small but important stories that appeared during the week, notably areas affecting global governance, such as the Law of the Seas Treaty, which is currently on a ramrod journey through the U.S. Senate.

Globalism extends into segment three with a continuation of No Child Left Behind and its agenda of indoctrinating American school children into international socialist thinking.  Dr. Karen Effrem, Ph.D, (www.edwatch.org) joins the program.

As war drums beat toward Iran, Richard Loomis from World Energy (www.worldenergysource.com) provides a backgrounder as to why relations with that country are twisting and turning.  Finally partitioning of Iraq has reached the table recently and Dr. Ivan Eland of the Independent Institute (www.independent.org) rings in on its feasibility.

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