Oct 27, 2007

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Modeling the Modern Middle East

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The U.S. waved its light saber at Iran again this week, amid will- they or won’t-they speculation about attacking that country, Russian President Putin’s admonitions notwithstanding.

The world didn’t arrive at today’s Middle East in a vacuum.  It’s largely a product of century-old streams of globalist political thought, coupled with interventions by western counties such as France, Great Britain and the United States, topped off with Shiite Islamic expectations for the re-emergence of the Twelfth Imam.  Dr. Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D, author of  "The Globalists,"
is our sole guest for today’s perspective-oriented program.

John’s boralogue examines why it’s so difficult to get the latest round of peace talks off the ground;  same problems, different conference, no peace, just talk.  And we’re surprised why?

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