Nov 3, 2007

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The Law of Unintended Consequences

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There are 367 days in the silly season before the next national elections.

The U.S. drowns in too many laws and regulations.  Everyday thousands of well-intentioned Americans violate these without even realizing it and there are so many statutes, it’s impossible to know and keep them all.  These statutes contribute in large measure to the death of freedom.

A percentage of people become entangled in “the machine” of bureaucrats seeking fines and prison sentences.  You really think, “If you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about?”  It’s naive nonsense.

John’s extended boralogue details actual cases of people who were inadvertently sucked into “the system.”  Then attorney Mike Donnelly from Home School Legal Defense ( joins us to add more.

Finally, we’ll dovetail the plethora of laws and regulations into the discussion we began recently about why doctors don’t want to accept Medicare.  We’d better think about this before implementing socialized medicine in this country.  Robert Shillingstad joins us.


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