Nov 17, 2007

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Revisiting McCarthyism

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The career of former Senator Joseph McCarthy has been used as an example of unconstitutional witch hunting run amok.  But rarely do we hear that — even as newspaperman Carl Bernstein admitted — McCarthy was right: the place really was crawling with communists and newly-revealed  documents prove it.  M. Stanton Evans, author of “Blacklisted by History,” guests first today with fascinating details about McCarthy’s career.

Then it’s back to the study-versus-study wars in disputes about the relationship between breast cancer and abortion.  Another major medical study demonstrating this connection has been ignored by the mainline media. Karen Malec of joins us.

John’s boralogue questions how the government will handle the financial crises almost on our horizon, using examples from Ayn Rand’s famous book, “Atlas Shrugged.”

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