Nov 24, 2007

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The Drug War is a Bust

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We’re prerecording this weekend’s program so we can take time off for our great national thankful pig-out.

As we’ve said before, the country is glutted with laws and regulations, and it’s impossible for us to know and keep them all. The war on drugs, for example, has resulted in thousands of prosecutions, a glut in prison populations, confiscation of property, log jams in the courts, and corruption of law enforcement and the judiciary, while doing nothing to stop the flow of drugs.

A growing chorus of police officials, prosecutors and judges want reform in the nation’s drug laws.  Retired police officer Howard Wooldridge from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition ( explains why they hold this position.

Then, we’ll continue the “if-you’re-not-doing-anything-wrong-you have-nothing-to-worry-about” thread.  Joe Baker from ( to SOS with a tale of his recent scrape with the law; all over nothing but an overly aggressive policeman.

John’s boralogue analyzes half-truths in statements made during the recent presidential debates.  As the country hurtles towards political and financial crises, one can’t avoid the impression the inmates are running the asylum.


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