Dec 1, 2007

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When Flaky Oil and Floppy Oil Meet

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“Ah distinctly I remember, it was in the bleak December.” Well, so much for Edgar Allen Poe and his ranting and Raven. There’s a radio show to do.

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal on the unconstitutional gun ban in Washington D.C.  This case may have long-reaching effects on gun rights.  Peter Ferrara from the American Civil Rights Union ( joins us for one segment.

You’ve heard explanations how our form of government is being changed without the consent of the governed, notably through the public/private partnerships.  So here’s a real-world example from the State of Maryland. Paul Chesser from the John Locke Foundation ( joins us.

Then we run two clips on the subject of the interaction of global currency markets and the emerging oil shortage.  The first guest is Gary Dorsch ( and the second is Matt Simmons (  When we get done you’ll understand the coming collisions.

John’s boralogue does a whirlwind review of important geopolitical news.


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