Dec 15, 2007

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The Treaty of Lisbon and the SPP

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It was an interesting week politically.  Many of the debating presidential candidates proved the inmates are really in charge of the asylum.  Former Vice President Al Gore wants a global carbon tax at a time energy is becoming tight and the global economy is running into really rough times.  Politics:  ya gotta love it.

Larry Pratt from Gunowner’s of America ( jumps on board and discusses this week’s church shootings in Colorado as an example of a law-abiding armed citizen stopping a gunman.

Then Harold Hoffman of Britannia Radio ( logs in from the U.K. to examine the Treaty of Lisbon, discussing the effects it has on the Security and Prosperity Partnership here in the U.S.  Since Harold is an accountant by training, we’ll also chat (or yell) about the emerging global monetary crises, which will make the “subprime” mortgage fiasco pale by comparison.

John’s boralogue sets the Christmas spirit and also examines why economic policy in a republic tends to zigzag left and right without any marked changes.


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