Jan 12, 2008

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Oh Goodie, Another Peace Process

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Well another U.S. president at the end of his term in office trotted off to
the Middle East this week in search of a legacy and yet another peace treaty.
When President Clinton did the same thing seven years ago, everything blew up
in the world’s face. In sixty years the disputed Middle East issues have rarely
changed and the script has rarely varied; the roles have simply been taken by
a progressive carousel of new players. Shoshana Bryen from JINSA (www.jinsa.org)
returns for another look at another peace process.

Religion has always played a fundamental role in the politics of the United
States from its founding through the Civil War to the civil rights movement.
So when did we become a secular society where religion must be excluded? It’s
the myth of recent historical revisionism. In the second half of the show the
partnership between religion and politics seen by Thomas Jefferson and Abraham
Lincoln is under examination. Matthew Holland guests.

John’s boralogue provides pointers on surviving the “silly season” until the
U.S. elections in November — preferably with your sanity intact,

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