Mar 1, 2008

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Into the Whirlwind

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Today’s show places several items under scrutiny.

We’ll monitor the speed with which the global energy crisis is mounting, even
as politicians and candidates ignore it. Joe Dancy, professor of energy and
environmental law at Southern Methodist University, left his students shell-shocked
this week after his lecture on the real-world condition of global energy supply
and demand. Joe joins us for one segment.

The religious right is breaking up as we watch but then what? The new playing
field is a confusing whirl of crossovers and compromises. SOS begins another
mini-series with Amy Sullivan, Nation editor at Time magazine. She is
both a Democrat and an evangelical.

Then in the last part of the program we air Part 2 of William Federer’s Backfired,
The Faith that gave Birth to Tolerance is no longer Tolerated
, picking up
where we left off last week

John’s boralogue summarizes the current state of the global monetary crisis.

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