Mar 29, 2008

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Government by Stealth

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It seems more and more long-term public/private partnership projects are pushed
through various levels of government by a process of incremental stealth, where
the public is never told what the ultimate outcome is until all the legislation
is put in place.

One of these is the Yukon to Yellowstone Conservation Initiative, a copy of
the Wildlands Project, designed to turn much of Alberta, British Columbia, Washington,
Idaho and Montana back into wilderness area. Just one problem: what to do about
all the people living there? Chuck Cushman from the American Land Rights Foundation
addresses that. As we’ve always said, sound environmentalism has to be based
on sound science and sound economics and respect for property rights.

Then there’s a proposed ruling (04-233) before the Federal Communications Commission
(FCC), which could seriously endanger talk radio. It appears to be a back door
fairness doctrine effort to shackle free speech. Tom Read, CEO of the American
Christian Network, joins us in the latter part of the program.

John’s boralogue briefly examines a number of stories, including construction
of a rail line from Kansas City to Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico as well as rumblings
inside the scientific community that global warming may not man made after all.
How ever will we tell Al Gore?

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