Apr 5, 2008

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Bail-outs and Bail-ins

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To handle the current financial crisis, the governmental powers that be and
the Federal Reserve are proposing a series of bail-outs, new government oversight
and give-away programs. Problem is, other people are being bailed in to pay
for them and we can’t even afford the programs we already have. These are unprecedented
steps and where will it end? David McAlvany from the McAlvany Weekly Commentary
(www.mcalvany.com) joins us.

As Israel approaches the 60th anniversary of its founding, hostile forces on
its northern and southern borders are sliding towards a war footing. The recent
breach of the Gaza wall between Gaza and Egypt resembles a small skirmish in
1967 that triggered the June 1967 Arab/Israeli war. History professor Dr. Steve
Carol (www.drhistory.net) joins the program
for a comparison of then and now.

John’s boralogue reviews intelligence information from the Middle East, which
the mainline media are missing.

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