Apr 12, 2008

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The Middle East radar is displaying much activity and alarm bells are clanging. It seems everyone anticipates an imminent war. Everyone says they’re not going to cause that war, but they’re ready to fight it when it comes, even though they don’t know anything about the who, what, when and where it’s going to start. Hmmm…work that one out. John’s extended boralogue kicks off the show by framing the current, uh, lack of information.

Then we feature an interview with Aaron Klein, Jerusalem Bureau Chief for Worldnetdaily (www.wnd.com) in order to monitor the progress of quiet negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, including turnover of the temple mount to PA control. Finally, we’ll converse with a former Muslim Palestinian terrorist turned Christian evangelist, Walid Shoebat (www.shoebat.com), on the subject of Islam, Christianity and end times prophecy. Should be interesting.


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