Apr 19, 2008

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Choking on Political Correctness

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As the United States plows into a perfect financial storm, an energy crisis and food shortages simultaneously, political correctness, political stumping, and silly policies prohibit us from effectively dealing with the rising storm.

Today’s program glues together a series of issues. John’s extended boralogue portrays the nature of political correctness and how it has been choking honest discourse the country so desperately needs.

Then an interview with Frank Schaeffer (www.frankschaeffer.com) is featured. Frank is the son of Christian philosopher Francis Schaeffer and his latest book is, “Crazy for God: How I grew up as one of the elect, helped found the Religious Right and lived to take all or almost all of it back.” This is part of an ongoing series of interviews with Christians who don’t represent the typical religious right.


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