Apr 26, 2008

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Earth Day Goes Commercial

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Year after year Earth Day passes by, becoming more and more
commercial. As a matter of fact, public environmental policy
enacted quickly and rashly is taking an horrific toll on the global
economy and food sources.

First, Kevin Kerr, editor of Resource Analyst E-lert
(www.kerrtrade.com), details the causes of global food shortages,
which punched onto the world’s media radar over the last couple of

One area where countries have rushed to implement questionable
policy is in the area of global warming. There are dumb global
warming solutions and less dumb solutions but no good solutions.
Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer, PhD, is author of the book, “Climate
Confusion,” and he tries to soberly address what further efforts
toward energy independence.

As the Olympic torch tours the world triggering protests against
China for its Tibet policy, few eyes are on North Korea and the
fact China is returning political refugees to North Korea where
returnees are sometimes treated brutally. Carl Moeller from Open
Doors (www.opendoorsusa.org) joins us.

John’s boralogue updates you on the perfect financial storm, which
is forming as America watches. We’ll highlight the various
components of this storm.

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