May 10, 2008

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The New Age Morphing

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Time to clear the decks for a conference call today. We haven’t
done one in a long time so it’s overdue.

Almost thirty years ago Detroit attorney, Constance Cumbey,
published a book entitled, /Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow/, warning
of a major paradigm shift transforming politics and religion,
moving us to a global blend of politics and pantheism, socialism
with Christianity.

Many shrugged it off as a passing fad. Today the New Age has not
only persisted and flourished, but is embraced by churches from
Catholic to Pentecostal. How did so many people — especially
pastors — miss the warning?

Our participants today are attorney Constance Cumbey
(, Warren Smith, author of The Light the
was Dark
, Sarah Leslie (, plus Mitch
and Machelle Wright.

John’s boralogue frames the entire hour and a half conversation.

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