May 31, 2008

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Removing Fuel from a Dying Fire

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At a time when energy is becoming more and more expensive, congress
is considering legislation designed to make it even more expensive.
This week the Warner-Liebermann bill is being debated in the
Senate, a proposal to begin a system of caps and credits to curb
CO2 emissions, which is nothing more than another tax on top of an
already teetery economy. The rising prices of fuel are already
reducing CO2 emissions.

Although coverage of the cyclone aftermath in Myanmar (Burma) has
dropped off the media’s radar, the situation is still desperate.
Myanmar’s military government is trying to prevent aid from getting
to Karen Christians and missionaries are forced to mule supplies
and relief into the country going around road blocks and
checkpoints. Jim Jacobson from Christian Freedom International
( joins us on the program. This is an
area where you can directly help.

Alfred L. McMichael was the first African-American in the Marine
Corps to achieve the rank of Sergeant Major and author of
“Leadership: Achieving Life-Changing Success from Within.” He
describes his philosophy of building character. This is part of
our ongoing vignettes featuring men and women of character with
unique ideas to counter balance the defunct education system today.

John’s boralogue is an update on the perfect financial storm which,
if it stays on schedule, will break over the country around the
beginning of 2009. Our politicians will determine whether this is
going to be just a bad recession or a depression. In the second
hour of the show he responds to emails from listeners regarding
earlier programs.

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