Jun 7, 2008

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The Marxist Roots of Church Growth

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Hi gang! We need time out today from the normal hab-trab of politics and economics in order to do backgrounders on current worldview issues.

First of all, there has been much talk of black liberation theology in the mainline media. So exactly what is liberation theology? John’s extended boralogue outlines the nature of its Marxist origins, and why so many churches embraced it since World War II, including its merger into the civil rights movement.

Although liberation theology roared through mainline denominations, it never really caught in evangelical or fundamentalist circles until recently, when its Marxist methodology was repackaged into church growth programs. Key to that conversion was the figure of business guru Peter Drucker. Sarah Leslie from Herescope (www.herescope.com) returns for an intense examination of the mentoring relationship between Peter Drucker and his protege, church growth leader Rick Warren.


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  1. Mike Hanson says:

    I moved to Boise from Phoenix about a year ago. In some ways Boise is more religious than Phoenix, good and bad. I was just on line looking at the Boise Vineyard web site. I was looking
    for a doctrinal statement. What I saw was troubling. It seemed so much a social gospel.
    I am a Holy Ghost filled Pentecostal looking for a church in which I can analyze their doctrine.
    I found one in Boise , Heritage Bible. I love the teaching, but he is a secessionist. One day I want
    to challenge his position from the greek New Testament. In the non-secessionst side there is
    strange fire. Looking for a church has been very hard.
    Many years ago I came to a conclusion that every man must be his own priest unto God. That the more one correctly interprets the Bible the less is will be deceived, the less
    he takes responsibility for correct interpretation, the more he will be deceived.
    Recently my daughter was visiting me and she was looking for a book on family, and
    a book for a Bible study. We went shopping for these and were not happy with what we
    found. So I wrote a booklet on both topics. I am going to email this to her and her husband.
    In the middle of the booklet is chapters on family, then sex, then the Trinity. My model was
    John MacArthur’s book “Slave” where he used the Bible to interpret the Bible.
    Paul writes that every believer will stand at the judgement seat of Christ. We as
    Christians will not be able to use the excuse “Rick Warren said this”.
    I learned about you from a friend in Phoenix. I would go to his house and listen to
    your show then we would discuss what we heard.
    Well God bless you and if you know of a church in Boise that has sound Bible
    teaching and believes that the gifts are for today without going into strange fire please
    email back and let me know who they are.

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