Jun 14, 2008

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Toward a Global Currency

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In the light of global inflation and the possible “death” of some leading currencies, calls are being made for a global currency to “solve” currency problems. Pat Wood (www.augustreview.com) joins us for the latest on international banking.

Worldviews affect how you raise your children, because no education is values-free and no education occurs in a social vacuum. But what happens when some believe the state should set education’s moral values and others believe parents should do so? The debate finds its parallels from Europe to the U.S. to Australia. Stephen O’Doherty, Chief Executive Officer of Christian Schools Australia (www.csa.edu.au), provides an insight to the similarity of the debates in England, Germany and the U.S.

John’s boralogue recalls the days of the Carter administration and the deja vu it seems to represent as to where we are now. We seem poised to repeat the same errors President Carter did in 1976 and Herbert Hoover did in 1929.


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