Jun 21, 2008

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The Roots of Liberation Theology

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The effort to revive the Fairness Doctrine to shut down talk radio
keeps raising its ugly head, but finally there’s been some action
in Congress to halt this process. Unfortunately the bill has been
bottled up in committee. Seaton Motley from the Media Research
Center (www.mediaresearch.org) provides a status report of this
ongoing fight.

Liberation Theology’s impact on American politics is more
penetrating than most Americans have suspected. So it’s time we
stop to examine the Marxists roots of the movement, its aberrations
from orthodox Christianity and its manifestations in religion and
politics today. Dr. Ron Rhodes, Ph.D., (www.ronrhodes.org) is able
to chronicle the history of this significant movement.

With only 136 days left in silly season, John’s boralogue rotates
around the nonsense flowing through congress in response to the
current energy crisis: much hot air and few viable proposals.

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