Aug 9, 2008

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Rich Man Poor Man: Socialism in Action

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Wow! It’s quiet. Congress isn’t in session, so we’re safe for a

We’re doing summertime perspective pieces. Two mini-series kick off
today. The first is the view of where America is headed seen
through the eyes of people who grew up in Nazi Germany or behind
the Iron Curtain; lessons from the past applied today.

The first guest in the series is Paul Mladjenovic, author of
“Precious Metals Investing for Dummies.” (
Paul grew up in communist Croatia. He is a passionate advocate for
free markets because his family has seen the toll socialism takes
on a society.

Then the second mini-series examines the bewildering number of
stupid prosecutions occurring at the federal level. This is
something you need to be aware of in case you’re on a jury. Career
law enforcement professional Steve Doran returns detailing an absurd
prosecution which was resolved in favor of the defendant by a smart
jury just a couple of weeks ago.

Socialism always promises great things and seems to work as long as
no one has to pay the bill. Once the bill comes due, society
groans under the load of accumulated debt. The end game of
socialism results in a small group of fabulously wealthy people at
the top and everyone else impoverished at the bottom. John’s
boralogue rotates around this theme.

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