Aug 30, 2008

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Government Pirates and Dictionaries

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Today we are absolutely, positively taking the weekend off. If the
world comes to an end, there’s no need to do a special show. If
something salvageable is left over, we’ll think about doing one.

A drug war rages in parts of Mexico between government agents and
drug lords spawning murders and assassinations every week. Yet
many Americans choose to live in Mexico. We’ll speak with Allan
Wall ( about his perspective on Mexican and
American relations.

Don Corace is author of the book, “Government Pirates,” and he
joins as for the third and last installment of our mini-series on
silly prosecutions taking place in the country today.

Dictionaries and encyclopedias are the best thing for improving
one’s knowledge base. We’ll discuss why with the author of the
Baker “Pocket Guide to World Religions, What Every Christian Needs
to Know.” Professor Gerald McDermott provides spirited

Finally, as school begins shortly, John’s boralogue focuses on the
successes of people who take charge of their children’s education
instead of leaving it up to a failed government school system.

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