Sep 27, 2008

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Between Scylla and Charybdis

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On today’s show we are officially pronouncing the perfect financial
storm is underway after so many years of warning about its
approach. Today’s show is highly focused. Do not think for a
moment that the proposed bailout is going to stop the storm’s
progress. It will only settle the first squall.

First, John executes another extended boralogue explaining the
evolution of our current Fannie and Freddie crisis, why congress
and the fed are almost out of options, and where the perfect
financial storm will head after this. We find ourselves entering
stage four of inflationary cycles, where citizens are outraged but
there are few options; much pain and no gain. The end is that
taxpayers will have to foot the bill. Thus we are sailing between
Scylla and Charybdis.

Then we’ll honor a promise to you and pick up the Russian thread
we began a couple of weeks back featuring a long conversation with
a former army intelligence officer, who toured all of the Soviet
Union both before and after its collapse. Ralph Peters is the
Russian-speaking author of “Looking for Trouble,” and he is the
sole guest featured today.

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Sep 20, 2008

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The Progress of Progressives

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What a Show! So much going on this week it’s hard to cram it all
into one show. So we won’t try. Gee, that was easy.

Progressive philosophy emerged during this election as a long-
standing major influence in hard left politics. But many
progressives won’t admit their philosophy is rooted squarely in
Marxist ideology even as it masquerades as something related to
freedom and democracy. John executes the longest boralogue in the
show’s history examining progressive philosophy.

Then we interview Win McCormick, author of “You Don’t Know Me,” a
book detailing the sexual immorality promulgated by the conservative
right. We found it interesting that the book’s foundation is based
on a study by Theodor Adorno, a member of the Frankfurt School
which promoted progressive Marxist philosophy in America since the
1930s. It does seem to be everywhere.

After that, the downing of Korean Air KAL007 25 years is revisited
from a few weeks ago as Dr. Dennis Cuddy, author of “The
Globalists,” trying to figure out why the congressional
investigation into survivors was mysteriously cut off.

At show’s end, John does a quick update on the week’s events,
Russian plans to use treasury bills as a weapon, and finally
complies with listener requests to reveal what he thinks about
Governor Palin as a vice presidential candidate.

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Sep 13, 2008

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It’s the Sun – Not Your SUV Stupid!

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Boy what a week! The financial structure almost went over the side
with a bang, but a Saturday huddle of the financial powers halted
the disaster; one more time. Wonder how long they can keep working
miracles at everyone else’s expense?

As hurricanes approached the U.S. coast over the last week, the
perfect financial storm scuttered close behind and it’s closing in
faster than we originally thought. This week’s Fannie Mae/Freddie
Mac fiasco was a major storm front with numerous banks set to
tumble behind it.

John kicks off today’s show with a time line of financial storm
tracking so you’ll understand the events of the months to come.
Kevin Orrick from the McAlvany Weekly Commentary
( jumps on board with some insight to help
listeners cope.

Global warming alarmists are now squeezed in a slowly-tightening
vice: growing evidence that the sun is responsible for climate
change with waning evidence that CO2 emissions are the culprit,
coupled with a growing energy/economic crisis warring against
proposed solutions like increased taxes and regulations. Alas,
what’s an alarmist to do?

John Zyrkowski is author of the book, “It’s the Sun, Not Your SUV.”
He highlights the serious damage global warming policies are
already inflicting, especially in poor countries and cites the
IPCC’s own data to show the sun is the chief cause of climate change.

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Sep 6, 2008

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You’re in the Competition Game

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Back from vacation and a busy show today, and guess what? We’re not
going to cover the elections. Phew!

First we’ll commence a new mini-series on the world seen from a
Russian standpoint. Dr. Edward Erickson is co-author of the “The
Soul and Barbed Wire,” and he joins us for the first part of the

The concept of “competition” in education is anathema to American
educrats. They believe in an egalitarian, communitarian approach
where no one excels if everyone doesn’t excel. Unfortunately our
competitors around the world don’t share that philosophy. They’re
educating students to take competition head on. Venture capitalist
Robert Compton ( produced a documentary
entitled “2 Million Minutes,” contrasting education in the U.S.,
China and India. The difference is alarming. Once you watch it,
you’ll know we’re in trouble and need to take action.

And finally in ongoing monitoring of the new great game, John’s
boralogue reports on a Russian Channel One interview featuring
President Dimitry Medvedev last weekend, who laid out Russia’s new
foreign policy. Western journalists didn’t seem to notice.

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