Sep 6, 2008

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You’re in the Competition Game

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Back from vacation and a busy show today, and guess what? We’re not going to cover the elections. Phew!

First we’ll commence a new mini-series on the world seen from a Russian standpoint. Dr. Edward Erickson is co-author of the “The Soul and Barbed Wire,” and he joins us for the first part of the program.

The concept of “competition” in education is anathema to American educrats. They believe in an egalitarian, communitarian approach where no one excels if everyone doesn’t excel. Unfortunately our competitors around the world don’t share that philosophy. They’re educating students to take competition head on. Venture capitalist Robert Compton ( produced a documentary entitled “2 Million Minutes,” contrasting education in the U.S., China and India. The difference is alarming. Once you watch it, you’ll know we’re in trouble and need to take action.

And finally in ongoing monitoring of the new great game, John’s boralogue reports on a Russian Channel One interview featuring President Dimitry Medvedev last weekend, who laid out Russia’s new foreign policy. Western journalists didn’t seem to notice.


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