Sep 13, 2008

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It’s the Sun – Not Your SUV Stupid!

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Boy what a week! The financial structure almost went over the side with a bang, but a Saturday huddle of the financial powers halted the disaster; one more time. Wonder how long they can keep working miracles at everyone else’s expense?

As hurricanes approached the U.S. coast over the last week, the perfect financial storm scuttered close behind and it’s closing in faster than we originally thought. This week’s Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac fiasco was a major storm front with numerous banks set to tumble behind it.

John kicks off today’s show with a time line of financial storm tracking so you’ll understand the events of the months to come. Kevin Orrick from the McAlvany Weekly Commentary ( jumps on board with some insight to help listeners cope.

Global warming alarmists are now squeezed in a slowly-tightening vice: growing evidence that the sun is responsible for climate change with waning evidence that CO2 emissions are the culprit, coupled with a growing energy/economic crisis warring against proposed solutions like increased taxes and regulations. Alas, what’s an alarmist to do?

John Zyrkowski is author of the book, “It’s the Sun, Not Your SUV.”

He highlights the serious damage global warming policies are already inflicting, especially in poor countries and cites the IPCC’s own data to show the sun is the chief cause of climate change.


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