Oct 25, 2008

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When Supermajority and Superstorm Collide

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Ten days remain in silly season. Whew! Only 1,473 days to go
until the presidential election of 2012. That neatly coincides
with the economic and energy superstorm crisis window.

So what happens if the U.S. elects a Democratic supermajority and
that collides with the perfect financial storm, which collides with
the perfect energy storm? We’ll try to sketch that out with Dr.
Merrill Matthews (www.ipi.org) from the Institute for Policy

How about a resurgence of the fairness doctrine? It’s already
being discussed. Barbara Comstock is a First Amendment consultant
to the National Association of Broadcasters and we look at how it
might be implemented on broadcast radio and on the internet.

Finally we’ll have a candid conversation with Jiovanne del Cristo
(www.lwym.org), who produces a podcast for bilingual youth.

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Oct 18, 2008

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The Nanotechnological Transhuman Cyborg

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Boy now that’s a show title!

The new emergent scientific religion of transhumanism seeks to use
nanotechnology to design super humans and super soldiers of the
future: part human, part machine. Something doesn’t seem quite
right here. Dr. Martin Erdmann, (www.verax.ws) senior scientist at
University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland discusses the ethical
implications for Christians.

Then we’ll review the life of a forgotten founding father, Luther
Martin and his predictions about inherent defects contained in our
constitution. A lot of them seem applicable to our current crisis.
It seems every effort to construct Utopia on earth arrives with
built-in seeds of self-destruction. Bill Kaufmann is author of
“Forgotten Founder, Drunken Prophet.”

John’s boralogue airs clips of President Franklin Delano
Roosevelt’s inaugural address of March, 1933, and compares the
president’s promises then with what politicians are saying today.
As you might have guessed, nothing’s changed and nothing’s solved.

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Oct 11, 2008

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It’s Worse than We Thought

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Different kind of show today. Must bail faster; must bail faster.
But the bailouts aren’t working as an atmosphere of fear and
confidence failure envelopes the global markets.

The perfect financial storm has hit harder and more rapidly than we
anticipated. John takes the first two segments of the program for
a boralogue and audio clips on the current status of things.

In segment three we’ll hear from Congressman Ron Paul. Even 24
months ago, the other Republican presidential candidates considered
him a pariah but has been proven correct in his decades-long
message about the need for monetary reform.

As we enter this major paradigm shift, John provides some pointers
on surviving in a time when things are in chaos and change.

Finally in the last part of the program we shift to a conversation
with Carol Jose, (www.caroljose.com), who authored a book on POWs
entitled, “You are Not Forgotten: A Family’s Quest for Truth.”

If you’ve got issues from the current crisis you’d like us to
address, we would like to hear from you by email.

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Oct 4, 2008

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The Four Stages of Inflation

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Bailout bailout bailout. It’s hard work ramming something through
congress that Americans don’t want. Unfortunately politicians and
the Fed are between a rock and a hard place now: they can’t afford
to do something and they can’t afford not. This is what happens
when a country enters advanced stages of inflation; all pain and no

Today’s first guest is Jim Puplava from the Financial Sense
Newshour (www.financialsense.com) to explain the four classic
stages of inflation since the U.S. and much of the West has set
itself on this self-destructive course. Once you’re on it, you
can’t get off.

Then we’ll examine the Violence Against Women Act; well-intentioned
but now causing a lot of unintended consequences against people it
shouldn’t. Time to reform the act. Ron Grignol comes on board for
this part of the program.

John’s boralogue ties up loose ends about the economy, the bailout,
socialism and exactly where we’re headed despite the blather.

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