Nov 8, 2008

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Hard Left! Hard Left!

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Right on schedule the U.S. executed a hard lurch to the left in the
elections this week. Only 1,459 days remain until the next U.S.
presidential election in 2012 and 724 days until the interim
elections in 2010. By coincidence the first term of President
Barack Obama will span the crisis window we have predicted. As a
result of a deepening sense of crisis, the country will most likely
make a hard lurch to the right in 2012.

Election results seemed to be driven by economic pain Americans are
feeling. Unfortunately why they feel pain and why they think they
feel pain are two different issues, which means the pain will only
get worse because politicians won’t fix the systemic problems
confronting the country. We’ll air a series of clips featuring
former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, correctly pointing the finger
of blame at Democrats for wrecking sober bank lending standards as
well as Republicans for an incestuous financial relation between
the Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department and Wall Street.

Continuing last week’s thread, world geopolitics are undergoing
radical change driven by the global economic crisis and the change
of presidential leadership in the U.S. Shoshana Bryen
( returns to the program for a size-up of geopolitics
in the middle east.

John’s boralogue leads off the show by sizing up the relationship
between politics and the onrushing storm waves.

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