Dec 27, 2008

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Emergent & Emerging Churches

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Merry Christmas everyone.

Postmodernism affects everything from public policy to the emergent
church movement and all of it has one common root in the illogical
premise that there are no absolutes, which it says absolutely.

This week we’re taking the weekend off so we’re featuring
interviews with two pastors.

The first guest is Illinois Pastor Gil Gilly, a specialist in
monitoring the emergent church movement, just of one of a number of
step children of the entire philosophy of postmodernism.

Then we’ll hear from Dr. David Hocking (, who
has his own daily radio program “Word for Today” with thoughts on
the condition of emergent churches today.

John’s boralogue for today is canceled. Great Christmas present,
yes? Have a great holiday.

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Dec 20, 2008

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The Pathology of Postmodernism

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Merry Christmas, everyone. (It’s OK to say Merry Christmas no
matter what “they” say.)

We’ll kick off with an update on the Manna Storehouse coop raid in
Ohio by talking to their attorney. Pete Kennedy is President of
the Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund ( and
Maurice Thomas of the Buckeye Institute (
both join us.

Then we’ll figure out how President-elect Obama is going to
implement costly global warming measures in a time when people
can’t afford it. End-running congress is probably a first start.
Richard Loomis from World Energy ( joins us.

Finally we start a theme for the next couple of weeks by examining
at how postmodernism and multiculturalism are destroying the
structures of freedom and western culture. Attorney James Kalb is
author of “The Tyranny of Liberalism: Understanding and Overcoming
Administered Freedom, Inquisitorial Tolerance and Quality by

John’s boralogue explains why multiculturalism is the root of the
wacky things we are seeing in the public arena, and while
proclaiming tolerance it is intolerant of things which don’t agree
with its self-contradicting premises.

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Dec 13, 2008

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New Deal, Old Deal or Raw Deal?

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CNN’s Christiane Amanpour has compared the situation in Gaza to the
1970’s Pol Pot genocide in Cambodia. Paul Chesser of the John
Locke Foundation ( says there’s no comparison
and news people are too quick to cheapen serious events for the
sake of current political issues.

With all that bailout money sloshing around, everybody seems to be
getting it but not the little guy. The programs which our
politicians are determined to use to “rescue” us from economic
collapse look hauntingly like the same programs Presidents Hoover
and Roosevelt used during the Great Depression. Not only didn’t
these programs work, they delayed the economic recovery by years
and were especially hard on lower classes and minorities because of
the job destruction they caused. High income tax rates effectively
killed companies struggling to recover. Dr. David Gordon, Ph.D,
from the Ludwig von Mises Institute ( evaluates FDR’s
New Deal.

The Ohio State Legislature this week was trying to pass a call for
a Constitutional Convention. If passed, only one more state would
have to issue a call and congress would have to call a convention
to rewrite part or all of the constitution. Phyllis Schlafly from
Eagle Forum ( makes a brief appearance
to tell why this is a bad idea. For more information on the
constitutional convention, check out

John’s boralogue analyzes President-elect Obama’s great reneging
and how the faces lurking in the background advising him are the
same old globalists who have been there all along. So much for

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Dec 6, 2008

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Thought in a Time of Paradigm Shift

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Boy that’s a lot of money they’re throwing at everything out there.
Where does it all come from? Attorney Ellen Brown, author of “Web
of Debt,” answers that question with sound proposals for action to
get us out of this crisis vs. what is currently being taken.

A lot of listeners ask what should be done during a time of crisis.
That’s difficult to answer because every person’s situation is
different. For the last part of the program, John addresses
thinking in a time of crisis and paradigm shift using clips from
a speech to the Koinonia Institute conference in October of 2008.

John’s boralogue reports on a swat team raid this week on, of all
things, a food cooperative in Ohio, which has left people both in
an out of the state scratching their heads as to why.

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