Dec 13, 2008

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New Deal, Old Deal or Raw Deal?

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CNN’s Christiane Amanpour has compared the situation in Gaza to the
1970’s Pol Pot genocide in Cambodia. Paul Chesser of the John
Locke Foundation ( says there’s no comparison
and news people are too quick to cheapen serious events for the
sake of current political issues.

With all that bailout money sloshing around, everybody seems to be
getting it but not the little guy. The programs which our
politicians are determined to use to “rescue” us from economic
collapse look hauntingly like the same programs Presidents Hoover
and Roosevelt used during the Great Depression. Not only didn’t
these programs work, they delayed the economic recovery by years
and were especially hard on lower classes and minorities because of
the job destruction they caused. High income tax rates effectively
killed companies struggling to recover. Dr. David Gordon, Ph.D,
from the Ludwig von Mises Institute ( evaluates FDR’s
New Deal.

The Ohio State Legislature this week was trying to pass a call for
a Constitutional Convention. If passed, only one more state would
have to issue a call and congress would have to call a convention
to rewrite part or all of the constitution. Phyllis Schlafly from
Eagle Forum ( makes a brief appearance
to tell why this is a bad idea. For more information on the
constitutional convention, check out

John’s boralogue analyzes President-elect Obama’s great reneging
and how the faces lurking in the background advising him are the
same old globalists who have been there all along. So much for

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