Jan 17, 2009

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Global Warming Cools Off

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Times are getting downright exciting.

The hypothesis of manmade global warming is collapsing as we watch;
predictions of climate models fail to materialize and the
indicators point to several decades of profound cold. Professor
Don Easterbrook’s latest paper says the Pacific Ocean has flipped
to the cooling stage of its decadal cycle and he’s troubled that
this is coupling with a marked decrease in solar activity, meaning
we could have very cold weather for the next couple of decades.

Then we’ll pursue last week’s thread making the case for
increased U.S. security as the world slips steadily towards
geopolitical chaos. Tony Blankley, former editor of the Washington
Times opinion page, joins us for a jaunt through his new book,
“American Grit – What it Will Take to Survive and Win in the 21st

We’ve been asked to review our predictions for the crisis window
2009-2012, so John’s boralogue focuses on that.

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