Feb 14, 2009

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Six-Legged Warriors

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Another busy show today. Oh well, its gives us all something to do over the weekend.

John starts off by explaining how an international monetary crisis is morphing into an international geopolitical crisis, with the rising potential for armed conflict. Two themes predominate: The crisis supposedly demonstrates failed “liberal capitalism” and there’s a call for a “new order” globally, which strangely enough looks a lot like the “global governance” the internationalists have been pushing for a long time, repackaged into something supposedly “new.”

Then we’ll journey back to the future for the next push in creating a trans-Texas corridor. Hey we thought that was dead! The Texas legislature said so. Aw, fooled us. It’s just been broken up into separate pieces of legislation and the politicians are hoping no one notices. Tom DeWeese from www.americanpolicy.org joins us.

As the global economic situation becomes more unstable in the crisis window, competition for food and energy is going to become acute. Bio-terrorism will probably rise and one form few suspect uses insects to do the dirty work. Professor Jeffrey Lockwood from the University of Wyoming is author of the book “Six Legged Warriors.”


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