Feb 28, 2009

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Food Fit for Your Friends

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Hi gang. Today’s show blasts off with a short boralogue updating
the global economic situation and a picture of the next 48 months.
Needless to say, it’s going to be a wild ride.

But never fear. We’re opening a new thread to help listeners make
it through the ride. What can you do for your family and
neighbors? One thing is to anticipate possible disruptions in food
supplies. Joann Brusso (www.babybites.info) debuts on the program
with her method of preparing for food supply disruptions; painless
preparations now but if something goes wrong, you’re ready to help
your family and neighbors.

Then we’ll take air audio clips contrasting speeches by Presidents
Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Barack Hussein Obama. Hmmm. They
sound the same. Different day. Same crisis. This is followed by
a briefing on a new cold war, which has erupted in the Middle East;
between Muslim countries.

Finally, it seems the constitution isn’t fashionable these days,
especially in the court systems. Professor Bradley C.S. Watson is
author of “Living Constitution, Dying Faith.”

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