Mar 14, 2009

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The Middle East Chessboard

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As the United States focuses on its economic problems, the Middle
East chessboard slides toward an increasingly inevitable nuclear
showdown between Israel and Iran. Is anyone watching?

John’s boralogue sizes up the geopolitics under way in that part of
the world. Then Jonathan Schanzer (
joins the show. Part of the conversation concentrates on what’s at
stake for the world energy markets.

Congress is doing its best to kill the economy totally. A horrible
bill is under way, which would virtually shut down mining in the
country. We’ll hit that one next week. Meanwhile this week, a
massive lands bill (S. 22) failed the old fashioned frontal
assault; an effort to force passage under special rules with
virtually no debate. It’s a massive compendium of more than 170
smaller bills. John picks one section having serious unintended
consequences for campers and national park users. You could be
thrown in jail for five years just for picking up a rock in a
national park.

Conservatives are saying President Obama is a socialist. He says
not. Who better to decide than the revolutionary Marxist Saul
Alinksy, author of “Rules for Radicals?” Barack Obama used to
train people in the Alinsky method, so we read parts of the play
book the President used to run his election campaign.

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