Apr 25, 2009

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Caps, Credits and Crisis

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Global warming was back on the table this week as familiar faces
testified before congress about proposed caps and credits
legislation. The problem with C&C is that they didn’t work in
Europe but cause serious increases in energy costs. Richard Loomis
from World Energy Source (www.worldenergysource.com) guests in the
first hour.

Then we open a new thread on the subject of Christian Zionism. A
new movement in evangelical churches seeks to turn opinions against
Israel. Dr. Paul Merkley is professor emeritus of history at
Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and author of
“Christian Attitudes toward the State of Israel.”

John’s boralogue focuses on the polarization in American politics
today and what it means in the light of the onrushing crises we
face, given that both parties seem ignorant of the strategic
picture where America is.

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