May 9, 2009

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The First 100 Days and Israel’s Last Days

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The Middle East continues its move towards a cold war paradigm, the
Obama administration launches another peace attempt, and countries
along eastern “Pipelineistan” become a more intense locus of
conflict for the world.

We hear first from Aaron Klein, Israel bureau chief for
Worldnetdaily ( and author of “The Late Great State of

Over 100 days have passed since President Obama took office and he
maintains high approval ratings. However, most Americans are
oblivious to the consequences, which policies being enacted now
will have in 36-48 months. White House correspondent Bill Koenig
( provides a snapshot of our current political course
and speed.

The House of Representatives passed a hate crimes bill this week
which is now headed to the Senate. John’s extended boralogue
explains why hate crimes laws are an extremely bad idea, distorting
equal justice under law to a point where freedom of speech is
suppressed. He uses examples from other countries where hate
crimes have progressed much further than here. Hate crimes
ultimately increase hate rather than reducing it.

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