Jun 27, 2009

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The Alliance of Civilizations

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Happy Canada Day (later in the week) for all our Canadian

We’re starting our summer series of perspective shows rather than
chasing down news. This is a fancy way of saying we’re taking time

A chic movement in the 1970s and 1980s the New Age had its origins
in the writings of occultist Alice A. Bailey. Now come into its
own, it’s merging with politics in a potent force for controlling
the activities of religions worldwide.

The UN-sponsored Alliance of Civilizations aims to control
religious activity within member states, particularly what
religious schools teach. Long-time associate, attorney and author
Constance Cumbey (cumbey.blogspot.com) returns to trace the
various proposals for controlling religions and eliminating those
that don’t match the new belief standards.

John’s boralogue chronicles the ongoing international silent
stampede to exit the dollar currency door along with strange

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