Jul 4, 2009

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Who Were the Fabians?

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Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

Capping and Taxing a Train Wreck: The American public has no idea
what will clobber it within the next 60 months. Combined cap
and tax, healthcare, and Bush tax cut expiration plus an energy
storm boosts the tax burden somewhere to a whopping $4 trillion.

Last week the U.S. House of Representatives passed the American
Clean Energy and Security Act (cap and trade), probably the largest
tax increase since the Smoot-Hawley Tariff, which is what made the
Great Depression so great. We’re going to air House debate clips
detailing the shenanigans used to ram this complex bill through
where, once again, our congress critters voted on legislation they
hadn’t read.

We’re calling this “Philosophy Summer” on the show. Over the
coming weeks we’ll feature a series of perspective pieces on the
philosophies vying for control of western governments as well as
the histories of various organizations that have made global
government one of their policy goals. Today, Carl Teichrib
(www.forcingchange.org) examines the Fabian socialists and the role
they have had shaping western history.

John’s boralogue reflects on the Fourth of July and America’s
future challenges.

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